Chinese classic "The Peony Pavilion" debuts on Propeller TV

23 Sep 2016

It is said that 400 years ago, both Shakespeare’s English classic “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and Tang Xianzu’s classic “The Peony Pavilion” both debuted in theatres. Is it a coincidence that two of history’s most enchanting playwrights would debut some of their most successful work in the same year? Or is it more amazing that these two were be fated to pass away in the same year? Then I suppose we can say that these two plays have been linked by fate, linking Shakespeare to Tang Xianzu, and linking Britain to China.


Finally, in 2016, this historical link is shown again – 400 years after the masters of Eastern and Western drama passed away, this stunning drama is revived for a modern day audience as a 36 episode drama, airing on Propeller TV from September 23rd.


"The Peony Pavilion” is a classic love story chronicling the romance of two young people, Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei. As a play, it took the Chinese theatre world by storm, with subtle and thought-provoking dialogue, and pure and capitating romance. Praised by both Chinese scholars and Western scholars, “The Peony Pavilion” is a play that stands the test of time, and one which shows the true talent of Chinese playwrights. The drama adaptation, taking place at the end of the vibrant Song Dynasty, is shot in stunning beauty, capturing both the beauty of ancient China with a stunning costume and sound direction. The TV drama premiered in China in 2012 to critical success, led by two likeable and charismatic lead actors, Sun Feifei and Sha Yi, famous in China for their notable roles in other period dramas.


Propeller TV is truly delighted to host this fantastic 36-episode series, airing every evening at 19:00 GMT on Sky Channel 189, from September 23rd to October 28th. If you want to experience a romance to rival Shakespeare, don’t forget to tune in on TV or online.