Propeller TV joins Instagram!

13 Jun 2016

Propeller TV has joined Instagram!

After establishing a social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo, we have turned our attention towards the image sharing platform Instagram. On Instagram, we hope to share a visual side of China, through stunning and interesting shots of China. From Chinese landscapes, famous attractions, to everyday life on the Chinese streets, the Instagram will show off a side of China you might not necessarily see, and show just how beautiful China is.

The Instagram account can be found in our various 'Follow Us' sections, and a stream of our high-quality photos can be found on the Social page, which is conveniently in the header!

Similarly, if any budding photographers would like to see their China-related work featured on our social media platforms, Propeller TV is happy to take submissions. You can submit your work to us by contacting us through any of our social media platforms.

We hope to see you on Instagram!